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  • 12-30Office of feng shui knowledge - office display

    Office desk with back to the wall, the left side of the window for the best display, so you can see the beautiful scenery outside the window, so that people feel comfortable, to improve work efficiency also have certain help. The door can be designed in the right front, to prevent others to peep, pl...

  • 12-30Office decoration feng shui knowledge what?

    Office decoration Feng ShuiThe environment is good or bad, it will affect the staffs work efficiency and leadership of the resolution plan direction, performance, and even related to the companys livelihood. How can the office decoration more smooth, here, Xiaobian to explain what knowledge of feng ...

  • 12-30Into star Decoration - Star decoration Fuzhou factory media open day

    Meeting name: 2015 China Beijing international fencing, fencing products and Facilities ExhibitionConference address: Beijing China International Exhibition CenterMeeting time: 2015-10-20 to 2015-10-22Organizer: National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center(国际栅栏展会)Meeting content: ...


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